Education Services

We are actively supporting and promoting Rève Preparatory Charter School where Dr. Dickerson is the Vice Chair. We strongly believe in the importance of a quality education. We must first seek to educate our youth as they will become the next generation of change! Turning Dreams into Realities. Visit to learn more. 

Re-entry Services 

The S.T.R.E.S.S. Program allows the client to reveal, release, and re-invent themselves while preparing for a self-reliant future. Some of the services we provide include:

Resume writing classes

Life skills and development classes

Fitness and wellness classes

Resources to obtain business clothing

Resources to assist with Job search

Stepping Into Strength (SIS) Mentoring Program

The Stepping Into Strength (SIS) Mentoring Program builds and develops young girls in the community to become resilient, fearless, educated and empowered. These skills will support them to become women who make self-sustaining decisions to enhance their lives.

SIS and This Woman’s Work (TWW) designed this program to encourage youth to dream beyond their often oppressive conditions of urban life. As an early intervention and prevention service, students from grades 9-12 will be selected for mentoring relationships. These young women will be chosen based on their risk of educational failure, teen pregnancy, truancy and juvenile delinquency.

The vision of SIS is to thrive as a national and global mentorship program dedicated to the enrichment and empowerment of young girls. The program will serve as an avenue of infinite possibilities. Mentees will benefit from exposure to an expanded potential for their lives and what education has to offer them.


Up to 25 youth will be paired with 25 screened and thoroughly trained adult volunteers (IronWomen). These nurturing relationships will encourage young women to “dare to dream”. Mentees will participate in sponsored recreational and cultural activities, academic enrichment and exposure to non-traditional careers.


SIS is recruiting mentors for this program. We accept successful women and community leaders from various fields. Selected participants will offer their time, share resources, experiences and will build capacity in our young women.

We are passionate about the empowerment of girls in our community. We believe in the potential of each and every girl. Because of the commitment of mentors, SIS mentees will become capable of making decisions about life, education and relationships to sustain them as they navigate their individual journey. We are charged with inspiring our young women to tap into their unlimited capabilities and succeed in this world. Our goal is to nurture them into being bold, confident and ambitious college educated women.


Mentors must have a genuine compassion for young people and provide nurturing guidance as a supportive adult. Mentors are not a surrogate parent.

Mandatory training will be provided to ensure both the mentors and mentees get the maximum benefits from the relationship.